Work in progress


(with Piotr Bialowolski and Dorota Weziak-Bialowolska), “Culture and creativity: The missing factor in growth and sustainability paradigms?”. R&R.

(with Antoine Houssard, Federico Pilati and Maria Tartari), “Fanfiction forums as heritage communities? A computational analysis of the Archive of Our Own (AO3)”. R&R.

(with Massimo Buscema, Giulia Massini, Marco Breda, Riccardo Petritoli and Guido Ferilli), “Simulation Analytics as an eco-systemic approach to the nonlinear dynamic response of Artificial Adaptive Systems: A toolkit”. R&R.

(with Federico Pilati, Maria Tartari and Oriol Artime), “Something completely different, or more of the same? TikTok and the democratization of digital content production”. R&R.

(with Oriol Artime, Federico Pilati and Maria Tartari), “Peer collaboration or hierarchy? The epistemic reliability of Wikipedia needs both”. R&R.

(with Filippo Ascolani, Maurizio Dallocchio, Giulio Natalino and Emanuele Teti), “Societal knowledge and information access, and corporate governance standards: An odd couple? An analysis on 27 European countries”. Under review.

(with Angelo Antoci, Massimiliano Landi and Mauro Sodini), “With a little help from my enemies: A game-theoretic model of gridlocks and bipartisan cooperation in legislation”. Under review.

(with Sara Uboldi, Alessandro Bortolotti, Giulia Candeloro, Alessandra Marasco, Federico Sardella and Maria Tartari), “From touch to mental imagery. The embodied aesthetic experience of late-blind people engaged in the tactile exploration of Enrico Castellani’s Pseudo-Braille Surface”. Under review.

(with Loreta Cannito, Serena Iacobucci and Riccardo Palumbo), “Reasoning About the Future: The Relationship Between Linguistic Structure  and Discounting Behavior”. Under review.

(with Francesca Vitali, Elisa Bisagno, Paola Tessitore, Lidia Del Piccolo, Marianna Purgato, Corrado Barbui, and Federico Schena), “A mediation analysis of cultural volunteers’ motivations on well-being and intention: The role of personal satisfaction”. Under review.

(with Giulia Candeloro, Luciana Mastrolonardo, Massimo Angrilli and Alessandro Crociata), “Three waves of extended mind theories and urban planning: The City as a Distributed Socio-Cognitive Architecture”. Under review.

Biases, evolutionary mismatch, and he comparative analysis of human vs. artificial cognition. Under review.

… and more in preparation.

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