Work in progress


(with Enzo Grossi and Giorgio Tavano Blessi), “Cultural, creative and complex: A computational foundation of culture-driven urban governance”. R&R.

(with Vittorio Pelligra), “Searching for meaning in a post-scarcity society. Implications for creativity and job design”. R&R.

(with Federico Pilati, Maria Tartari and Tommaso Venturini), “Some like it hot (and some do not): Conspiratorial discursive practices in Flat Earth Society’s Forum and Reddit communities”. R&R.

(with Filippo Ascolani, Maurizio Dallocchio, Giulio Natalino and Emanuele Teti), “Cultural participation and corporate governance standards: An odd couple? An analysis on 27 European countries”. Under review.

(with Tom Osborn, David Ndetei, Victoria Mutiso and Doris Sommer), “An arts-literacy intervention for adolescent depression and anxiety symptoms: Outcomes of a randomized controlled trial of Pre-Texts with Kenyan adolescents“. Under review.

(with Federico Pilati, Maria Tartari and Oriol Artime), “Something completely different, or more of the same? TikTok and the democratization of digital content production”. Under review.

(with Oriol Artime, Federico Pilati and Maria Tartari), “Peer collaboration or hierarchy? The epistemic reliability of Wikipedia needs both”. Under review.

(with Massimo Buscema, Giulia Massini, Marco Breda, Riccardo Petritoli and Guido Ferilli), “Simulation Analytics as an eco-systemic approach to the nonlinear dynamic response of Artificial Adaptive Systems: A toolkit”. Under review.

(with Angelo Antoci, Massimiliano Landi and Mauro Sodini), “With a little help from my enemies: A game-theoretic model of gridlocks and bipartisan cooperation in legislation”. Under review.

(with Federico Pilati and Antoine Houssard), “Bandcamp and the reproduction of mainstream music platform inequalities”. Under review.

(with Anna Bertani, Riccardo Gallotti, Stefano Menini and Manlio De Domenico), “Large-scale digital signatures of emotional response to the COVID-19 vaccination campaign”. Under review.

(with Piotr Bialowolski and Dorota Weziak-Bialowolska), “Culture and creativity: The missing factor in growth and sustainability paradigms?”. Under review.

… and more in preparation.

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