Work in progress


(with Francesco Valle and Manlio De Domenico), “Proactive vs. reactive country responses to the COVID-19 pandemic shock“. R&R.

(with Leonardo Etro, Niccola Taccalite and Emanuele Teti), “Exuberance by design? Hyping cryptocurrencies markets through token underpricing”. R&R.

(with Federico Pilati and Maria Tartari), “Some like it hot (and some do not): Conspiratorial discursive practices in Flat Earth Society’s Forum and Reddit communities”. R&R.

(with Alex Arenas and Manlio De Domenico), “The resilience of the multirelational structure of geopolitical treaties is linked to colonial world order and offshore fiscal havens“. R&R.

(with Valentina Alberti, Valentina Montalto and Francesco Panella), “Cultural and creative vs. cultural or creative: Reconceptualising culture-led urban development”. R&R.

(with Alex Arenas and Manlio De Domenico) “The political economy of big data leaks. Uncovering the skeleton of tax evasion“. R&R.

(with Antoine Houssard, Federico Pilati, Maria Tartari and Riccardo Gallotti), “Monetization in online streaming platforms: An exploration of inequalities in”. R&R.

(with Alberto Acerbi), “Self-interest, prosociality, and the moral cognition of markets. A comparative analysis of The Theory of Moral Sentiments and The Wealth of Nations“. Under review.

(with Filippo Ascolani, Maurizio Dallocchio, Giovanna Mariani, Giulio Natalino and Emanuele Teti), “Cultural participation and corporate governance standards: An odd couple? An analysis on 27 European countries”. Under review.

(with Piotr Bialowolski and Dorota Weziak-Bialowolska), “Solitary and social mindgames, and reading: Effects on health, wellbeing, and longevity”. Under review.

(with Enzo Grossi and Giorgio Tavano Blessi), “Cultural, creative and complex: A computational foundation of culture-driven urban governance”. Under review.

(with Tom Osborn, David Ndetei, Victoria Mutiso and Doris Sommer), “An arts-literacy intervention for adolescent depression and anxiety symptoms: Outcomes of a randomized controlled trial of Pre-Texts with Kenyan adolescents“. Under review.

(with Federico Pilati, Maria Tartari and Oriol Artime), “Something completely different, or more of the same? TikTok and the democratization of digital content production”. Under review.

(with Leonella Gori, Emanuele Teti and Francesca Triveri), “Much ado about something else: Donald Trump, the US stock market, and the public interest ethics of social media communication”. Under review.

… and more in preparation.

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